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Marijuana to Be Legal From 1st July in Connecticut as Governor Gives the Final Nod

Marijuana to Be Legal From 1st July in Connecticut as Governor Gives the Final Nod

Connecticut becomes the 19th state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Non-medical marijuana to be legalized in Connecticut from 1st July.

Governor’s final approval

Governor Ned Lamont gave final legislative approval to the cultivation and sale of marijuana in Connecticut. Gov. Lamont released a written statement stating that he is looking forward to moving beyond the terrible period of incarceration and injustice.

Sen. Gary Winfield, one of the architects of the bill stated that the bill aims to undo the damage done to black and brown people by the criminalization of cannabis. Further, it will provide opportunities to those who were hurt by the prohibition. However, Republicans expressed their concerns saying that the legalization will provide easy access to marijuana which could have a negative impact on the youth.  In response, Senate President Pro Tem Martin Looney said that prohibition hasn’t worked. On the contrary, legalization will provide a system for adults to marijuana and its products, and will allow the government to control it at the same time.

The bill has received the Senate’s approval the third time in 10 days and has been passed by a vote of 16-11.

Provisions of the Bill

The bill included provisions related to controlling the THC content and funding to address addiction and mental health. Also, it mandates warning labels for cannabis products with varying THC content. Besides, home growers have been allowed to grow up to three mature and three immature plants. Further, it also bars state lawmakers from entering the legal marijuana market for two years after they leave office.

To conclude, the majority of Americans favoured the legalization of marijuana rather than the status quo and the passing of the bill has added to the momentum towards reforms in cannabis policy.


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