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Introducing the $11 Soft Tee 🔥 100 New Tees
Introducing the $11 Soft Tee 🔥 100 New Tees

About Us

Flying high to us means being or becoming the best version of yourself.
So whether you're already there, or you're on the path to becoming the best version of yourself...YOU ARE FLYING HIGH.
We're all just trying to live our best lives, aren't we?
-Fly High Squad
Fly High has 3 owners. We come from the top of the licensing side of the industry in Michigan. We've owned/operated one of the leading licensing centers in Michigan for well over a decade. We have always been about helping people interested in cannabis get safely started off in the right direction, and we've always been there to help them stay out of trouble. With our newest company FlyhighAF LLC we want to spread those same safety vibes across the country with awareness, and keep you guys flying high and looking good with awesome apparel and accessories. 
We will update our personal bios soon.
Thank you for choosing FlyhighAF!