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Introducing the $11 Soft Tee 🔥 100 New Tees
Introducing the $11 Soft Tee 🔥 100 New Tees

Handmade Resin Duck Ashtray

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$24.99 - $24.99
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Handmade resin ashtray
3 small ducks in a pond (if you would like only 1 or 2 ducks then you can state this at checkout)
Also makes the cutest home decor piece!
It is recommended to tap ash into tray as opposed to pressing it in.

All products are handmade to order. They are all made with care and attention to detail, however small imperfections are often inevitable due to the nature of the casting resin. Air bubbles or specks may occur. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep in a cool dry place.

(Inspo from “maplewaves” on Etsy)

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